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Magic Methods and also the Magical Performance

You need to turn the special moment Trick right into a Magical Effect. Help make your audience believe that you simply did the impossible – however simple you realize the secret to become, the result in your audience is exactly what matters. They need to believe that you simply created a card from nothing, designed a gold coin enter an enclosed can of Coke, restored a torn up newspaper – regardless of the trick – in case your audience don’t think that you simply really made it happen, you’ve unsuccessful.

Among the best ways would be to weave a tale round the magic trick. I remember when i saw a famous magician slide a knot off a bit of rope making it disappear. Very clever. He selected in the rope, tied a knot after which ran his hands lower the size of the rope and also the knot had disappeared. 5 seconds in the center of an hour or so lengthy stage show. I didn’t remember concerning the trick until some time later whenever a close-up artist did exactly the same trick for me personally. He required a few minutes regarding this told a tale about Harry Potter walking along a river bank and meeting a classic sailor man who challenged him to some knot tying contest … the result was somewhat embellished but essentially exactly the same trick, and that i appreciated it – utilize it myself, now!

The thing is allow it to be interesting instead of clever even better, allow it to be amusing if you’re able to. The general public realize that there’s no such factor as Magic (well, OK – Many of them realize it … there’s a couple of odd-balls available!) and they also understand, at the rear of their brains, that we’re fooling them. Nobody loves to be fooled but they’ll forgive you should you amuse them, entertain them, simultaneously.

It’s not necessary to be Tommy Cooper it wouldn’t be considered a good factor when the entire Magic profession all of a sudden switched into comedians! Lighten your act toss in a couple of jokes at appropriate points, carry out some comical effects among the greater ‘serious’ ones. Most importantly, remember that you’re an performer do not help make your act a showcase for your own personel cleverness. Entertain and amuse your audience and they’ll want more. Convince them how clever you’re and they’ll clap although not care when they aren’t seeing you again.

The Special Moment Trick is only the method. The Magical Effect may be the performance of this method within an entertaining and convincing way. Should you ‘do magic tricks’, you’re a specialist perform Magical Effects and you’re a Magician.

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