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Should You Buy The ONE Smart Piano? Find Relevant Details Here!

Interested in learning a new musical instrument? How about piano? Gone are days when learners had to invest in large acoustic pianos. In the digital age, you need is a compact device and a keen interest in learning the basics.

Quick overview

There are many websites that offer piano lessons for beginners, but with the ONE Smart Piano, you can practically learn at your ease. Priced aptly at $300, this is a compact piano that makes the most of handheld devices for offer a better and more authentic learning experience. The overall operation is really easy to understand – Just plug the piano and connect it with the companion app, and you can start learning. The LED lights on the keys will light up, so that you have complete assistance. So, how good is the ONE Smart Piano? Here are some quick things to know. A full-size electric variant is available for $1500.

Using the piano

The ONE Smart Piano has been designed with kids and adults in mind, so the bunch of features on offer are really cool to say the least. If you are just interested in learning piano, this is a great compact keyboard to have at home. The concept has been adopted by more than 3,000 piano studios and music schools globally, which tells a lot about its success, considering that it just launched in 2016. What didn’t work for us while doing the review was the number of songs, which is limited. However, if you are keen on doing more, you can always download tutorials for a fee. The overall learning process is highly interactive, and there is no denying that it’s fun to use the product.

Taking a call

ONE Smart Piano is a great blend of hardware and software, and it does keep you entertained, especially if you don’t want to learn serious lessons on lazy days. Would you still need traditional piano lessons? If you are just trying out a musical instrument and don’t want to pay huge for those classes, the ONE Smart Piano is an ideal pick. You can play real music with the piano, which also makes this a great option for the kids. Of course, you can always choose to take extra classes to augment your experience and expertise further, but that’s a personal call. For all the basics and more, ONE Smart Piano is certainly a great deal.

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